Be A Beta Tester For The Mythical VR Arena Shooter: Arena Rivals

A New Kind of VR eSports Games

Smash Brothers Meets Gears Of War With Kindness

We take pride in having a non toxic community that lifts each other up while challenging the best in each other.

This is a game for more experienced gamers who want that epic feeling of being pushed to the limit, and feeling satisfied from true competition.

  • Multiple Classes: Soldier, Hunter and Healer
  • ​Multiple Maps: From close quarters combat to large battle fields 
  • Multiple Game Modes: Several different game modes so you never get bored

We've reached our limit internally and now need your honest feedback to improve the game.
Your opinion matters to us.
We need help finding bugs.
We need help making this game Joyful and Fun.
We need you.

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